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Dr. Jeremy Bier is proud to offer his patients the exceptional benefits of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System. Podiatry Today calls this effective cosmetic approach one of the field’s top ten innovations.

You can have beautiful toenails, today!

If you’re receiving treatment for unsightly fungus (onychomycosis) trauma to a toenail , you know that it takes time for even the most effective treatment to eliminate the condition and for the new healthy nail to grow in. Meanwhile, your sense of personal wellbeing and freedom is greatly affected because you try to avoid any situation where other people might see your feet. Choosing shoes becomes a chore, and even trying them on can be difficult.

With KeryFlex nail restoration, you enjoy complete freedom from self-consciousness.

KeryFlex is an innovative set of flexible polymer resins, bonding agent and sealer that are indistinguishable from natural nails. Each layer is gently painted on and then the finished nail is “cured” by putting your feet under an ultraviolet light for a few minutes.

As tough as (KeryFlex) nails!

The reason these nails look so natural is that they don’t bond to the skin around your nail. Instead, they durably adhere to the layers underneath: the callous nail cells or papillary roots. This means you can file and shape them exactly as you would a natural nail, and they feel so much like your own that you’ll forget all about them.

No special care is required

You can treat your KeryFlex nails exactly as if they were your very own. Salt water or hot water, you can go wherever your feet take you. Choose that favorite color of nail polish, then go ahead and apply it. Need a new color later on? Acetone nail polish remover won’t harm your KeryFlex nails.

Beautiful protection while healing takes place

KeryFlex nails are a cosmetic solution, not a treatment. However, their flexible durability provides protection while healing and regrowth of the natural nail is proceeding. KeryFlex allows anti-fungal treatment of underlying problems to continue undetected for the time it takes for all the fungus to be eliminated. Topical anti-microbial medication can reach the underlying natural nails while the Keryflex nail provides a protective top layer. Even laser treatment has been used effectively to help the underlying nail heal and grow healthily, while KeryFlex provides the sturdy top layer.

Ask Dr. Bier about KeryFlex if you have any of the following nail conditions:

  • Ridged nails Nail fungus (onychomycosis)
  • Brittle or cracking nails
  • Yellow or brown nail discoloration
  • Traumatic nail injury

These are the conditions that KeryFlex was designed to aid. Since KeryFlex is a cosmetic solution, it’s not appropriate for nail problems that result from serious systemic medical problems. If you have diabetic neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease or arterial insufficiency, KeryFlex is not appropriate. Re-application is only needed every six to eight weeks while your natural nails are growing in.

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