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“Dr. Bier embodies everything I want in a physician; patience, kindness and expertise. He solved my problem which was long-standing. I am grateful to my friend for recommending him, and I will recommend him to others.”
- Lisa B, Darien, CT

“Dr. Bier corrected a toe problem I had been living with for many years, he was able to correct my problem and for that I am very grateful. He listens to all I have to say and takes the time to answer each of my questions.”
- Josie C, Wilton, CT

“I first met Dr. Bier when I was very sick in the hospital from a foot infection that I developed as a result of my Diabetes. The first doctor, who came to see me, told me I was going to need an amputation of my big toe in order to solve my problem. I told my primary care physician that I wanted a second opinion and could he recommend anyone. He called Dr. Bier. After examining my foot condition, he told me he did not think that removal of my big toe would be necessary. He not only saved my toe but my self-esteem as well. He is truly the kindest doctor I have ever encountered.”
- Shirley R, Greenwich, CT

“Dr. Bier always makes my feet feel better; he is the best podiatrist I have ever gone to.”
- Dorothy W, Stamford, CT

“Dr. Bier is everything you want in a foot and ankle doctor. He takes great care in his Diabetic patients.”
- Fred N, Darien, CT

“Dr. Bier is a wonderful doctor. He’s caring and concerned. He takes the time needed to properly care for your feet. Through his arduous efforts, he has saved my foot and leg. He is pleasant and thorough. I would never go elsewhere.”
- John B, Greenwich, CT

“Dr. Bier is professional, attentive, comprehensive, and dedicated to his patient’s. The office offers an excellent range of services and hours (early in the morning, evenings and weekends). Dr. Bier enabled me to walk through Prague pain free recently. His office is centrally located in Stamford.”
- Susan F, Stamford, CT

“Very professional and excellent service.”
- Elena S, Wilton, CT

“My husband lost his job recently, and as a result we lost our insurance. I became very ill from a foot infection, and had to be rushed to Stamford Hospital. I was told by the emergency room doctor that my Diabetes was also out of control, and as a result I might lose my leg. Dr. Bier was called by my doctor to examine my foot infection. He told me that he thought I had a good chance of saving my foot, but that we would have to go to the operating room very shortly to drain my infection. Within a few hours I had my surgery, and I started to feel better. To date I still have both my feet, and I am forever grateful for the daily care Dr. Bier provided to me. He has great hands!”
- Vanessa S, Stamford, CT


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